Our DOF team is constantly looking for improvement. With our experience as architects and planners, we are constantly working on sustainable concepts, product improvements and new developments. We work invaluable cooperation with partners in the camping and glamping branch.



We think the layout of a campsite and the orientation, privacy and overall experience is increasingly important for a successful campsite.  As urban planners we make development plans for existing and new to be developed campsites. We generate logical and optimized layout schemes, search for optimizations and landscape integration. With a balanced site plan and clear development vision, we help our clients with long-term sustainable developments.

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We love to create and we are pro-active in offering design solutions. In this way of working and with attention to communication we generate new and often surprising solutions. The needs and thoughts from our clients are essential input for the development process and this input together with creativity and technical knowledge leads to the best and suitable result.


As part of our services and with our experience as architects we create concepts, designs and execution plans for campsite facilities. We assist in the development of playgrounds and campsite hospitality-related facilities. Renovation of existing buildings and implementation of sustainable solutions are a part of our service.

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We are twin brothers Jeroen and Arjen van Vulpen and we are the proud creators of DOF products. We are true nature lovers and camping always gives us a feeling of ultimate freedom. Our biggest dream was to once create our own tent. During a Friday afternoon drink, this became reality when we came up with the idea to create a unique glamping experience.  

By combining Jeroen's creativity and Arjen's technical skills we create authentic products that no one has ever seen before. These tents are made to enjoy life and deserve only to be placed in the most beautiful places. We call them DOF – Design On Friday.


Arjen & Jeroen